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Seeker Technologies, Ltd (Seeker) represents a unique business opportunity that has arisen in the right place and at the right time.

The ethos driving Seeker is the creation of  business opportunities  in post-conflict and developing economies and to, unashamedly, generate profit that will create stunning returns for stakeholders, while at the same time, answer a huge humanitarian need.  Equally importantly, the business will create local wealth and jobs in the community, thereby reducing and possibly even eradicating the need for aid in those areas.  To achieve these goals the business must be focused and profit driven with a clear and unshakable ethos of “Compassionate Capitalism”. 

The need for this business model has attracted wide support from high profile personalities, the international media and several leading political groups and governments.  As well as a recent BBC documentary, Discovery and CNN have also expressed an interest in profiling the business.  While the  world economic position is testing many governments,  there is a move and a necessity to preserve funding, ease the burden of taxation and  generate profit in developed economies in order to compensate for increased levels of welfare and public spending as populations grow larger and older.

At the same time international aid budgets are being questioned and often reduced. Even though the  conscience of the capitalist to promote corporate social responsibility remains in place, it is not affordable. Famines, droughts, natural and man-made disasters grow in an order of magnitude as populations explode and it is now recognised that the international aid model is unsustainable. It can be destructive and, furthermore, cannot be financed in the current economic climate.

Mineseeker will identify minefields and release liberated land back for cultivation and other productive purposes. This market segment is significant, largely untapped and funding is readily available. The company will do this by the deployment of MIR™, the ground-breaking, unique technology that Mineseeker has pioneered, which can improve the productivity of current mine clearance methods by a factor of 500, whilst also significantly reducing the current cost by 90%. This will provide a viable, less expensive and faster answer to a massive man-made disaster, for which there is ample funding available.  Mineseeker will also provide a service to commercial entities, hampered by the existence of minefields, in the exploitation of several market sectors including oil and gas, agriculture and tourism.

With the interest that the Mineseeker project has generated and the high-profile patrons who have offered their backing, other commercial avenues  have since presented themselves.  It is in light of these opportunities that the group structure of Seeker Technologies, Ltd. (Seeker) was created; to exploit opportunities in post-conflict environments to not only bring benefit in clearing the mine and UXO threat, but also to participate in the economic development of the areas that are cleared.  This participation will take the form of land value increase, agricultural rights, development rights and oil and gas or hydrocarbon concessions.  Seeker is a commercially-driven company, focussed on maximising profit and shareholder return.  All stakeholders will benefit from the success of group projects.

The group seeks to commercialise the unique technical and operational advantages that exist through other strategic business units that have been created.  These will exploit opportunities in the same post-conflict and emerging markets and apply the technology or operational expertise in areas such as aerial survey, threat detection, safe water and sanitation, agricultural development, oil and gas and hydrocarbon concessions and tourism.

A key element that makes the company unique is the small specialist team of proven experts  and business leaders, the details of each can be seen at  the team.  The senior management team are experienced in general business management, as well as aviation, landmine detection, finance, marketing and brand building. These attributes are key factors in realising the development and growth of this international business.