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SeekerTec technologies
Advanced Aerial Surveying and Mapping
Aerial Landmine Detection Technology
Mass area reduction protocols
Infrastructure Survey
Monitor and Protect remote infrastructures
Highly Trained Pilots and Crew
Our crews are trained specifically to deploy the technology
Remote Area Access
We can get to the remotest areas

Welcome to Seeker Technologies

SeekerTec is uniquely placed to exploit substantial business opportunities in post-conflict and emerging markets across the globe. The group will have a range of Strategic Business Units (SBUs), each able to act as a vanguard in penetrating new markets. One SBU with a focus on the deployment of specialist aerial survey capability will deploy unique, ground-breaking technology aimed at significantly reducing the cost and increasing the productivity of landmine clearance. Additionally, the capability to produce high definition 3 dimensional images that offer an insight into subtle topographical features is available; this cost effective product offers organisations with an interest in land development, mineral extraction and transport planning a level of surface information suitable to underpin strategic decisions regarding land utilisation and access. 

Additional SBUs will target opportunities that emerge as a result of initial landmine clearance and land assessment. This level of engagement is possible due to the unique nature of the group concept, the ethos of "Compassionate Capitalism", the brand and game changing technology that is developing behind Seeker, and the high-level interest in and endorsement of the group underpinned by its relationship with the Mineseeker Foundation that is focussed on assistance to the victims of landmines.
Once areas have been freed from the threat of mines and accurately mapped and assessed, land that was previously worthless can be put to economic use. This could be through agriculture, tourism, oil and gas or other developments. Seeker will aim to participate in the economic benefit of this development, either via the increase in land value or by introducing other new SBUs to satisfy business demand.

This short video below gives an overview of the plight of the landmine victims, the support for the Mineseeker Foundation and how the Seeker-Tec technology will enable the quick release of land that has been affected by landmines and UXO (Unexploded Ordnance). These include high resolution aerial photography, agricultural surveys and game counting.

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